Reason 7 brings to the industry a new way to purchase trees. A way that provides the reassurance that the trees in the landscape not only look beautiful, but are adaptable, resilient and equipped with the best root system to reach their greatest potential.


Certified Processes

Research has shown that one of the most important factors affecting the health and longevity of urban trees is the quality of the plant material sourced from nurseries. This is why Reason 7 growers focus on all aspects of tree quality from genetics, canopy and crown structure, to central leader management and root systems.

Our goal is to provide you with a consistent and reliable source of great quality trees so that together we can increase the sustainability and longevity of our urban forest.

Reason 7 believes that consistent and great outcomes are the result of following superior processes. All Reason 7 trees are grown following a strict, documented process, are certified by the nursery and routinely audited to provide buyers with confidence and accountability.


Because what is essential is invisible to the eye, Reason 7 has adopted a series of certified processes to give you the peace of mind that you are purchasing the best possible tree on the market - from the tip of its roots, to the top of its canopy.


How we do it

Reason 7 has designed a rigorous process based on university research and industry best practices. It makes use of the most innovative container technology and best management practices in root enhancement, water management, canopy structure and inventory flow.


What is essential is
invisible to the eye

The Reason 7 root certification process begins in the greenhouse with careful selection of genetics and an acute focus on developing the best root system. It continues by addressing root system development at each critical step of the production process and the use of the most innovative container technology. Dive into our root certification process here.


A large inventory of Reason 7 certified trees is available

Starting today, you can specify Reason 7 trees on your landscape plans and demand that your landscapes include certified container trees. Contact any one of our passionate growers to add Reason 7 to your next project.


Meet the growers

Reason 7 growers come together to collaborate and push the industry forward. Our growers are committed to ensuring their trees are the best on the market and will reach their true potential in the urban landscape.

Becker Tree Farm Team
Becker Tree Farm
Hobe Sound, FL
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Groveland, FL
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Sun City Tree Farm
Ruskin, FL

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